Well today I did it.  I finally managed to find a bit of time, in this terrible 'summer' that we are having, to finally update my web page.  As anyone who visits will notice, it's not something I have ever done before.  But since I was lucky enough to start publishing my 'stories' online I knew I would have to get the bit between the teeth and make a page for myself. 

Firstly, I would like to appologise to those more techy than I am (of which there are many!) that maybe it's not the greatest web-page in the world.  But to be totally honest, I am rather proud with what I have managed to achieve.  Well ok the web builder did all the work, blessed be templates and such.  But at least I have finally managed to get something up. 

Now, I need to find the time between writing and keeping house, for a very easygoing husband, to keep this page updated as much as I can.  Though to be honest I'm not sure what I will blog about.  I'm sure no one is really interested with what I will be cooking for dinner that night.  But hopefully people will be interested with my latest titles, and hopefully they will enjoy them enough to read more.  

For this I would like to give a huge thank you.  To those who have enjoyed reading my work, and who have made an old smut writter very happy.  Thank you!  

Katie xx 

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    Old enough to know better yet totally young at heart.  A lover of smut, both reading and now even better, writing it. 


    July 2012